At any given time, there are 350 children and youth in foster care in Santa Barbara County. Our Elevates Initiative is based on the simple hope that every faith based organization in Santa Barbara County can actively participate in uplifting the needs of our children and youth in foster care.


For homes ready to care for teens and siblings, and ready to partner with birth families

Take Action

Foster a child while the child’s family can find a healing path; Adopt a child’s if family is unable to heal; Mentor a child or youth in foster care

Be an Ambassador

Be a practical support by joining the Inspire business program or being a stop on our Outreach Tour

We want to invite faith communities on this journey to care for the children in our county.

We believe the churches are natural safety networks that can wrap around families who feel called to become resource parents. The goal of Elevates is to work in partnership, in word and action, with the Faith Community in Santa Barbara County, so that the needs of children in foster care and the families that care for them are uplifted so that the home they share is a place of growth and healing.

An Elevates partnership is based on the principles of the 111Project and the 5 Love Languages.

  • A 1.1.1. strategy focuses on working with 1. church community, so that 1. resource family is embraced by a church community, so that the needs of 1. child/sibling group are met. When a 1.1.1. is effectively established with a faith community, the unique community created in a faith community is relied on to support the success of resource families.
  • A dialogue centered on the 5 Love Languages provides the Elevates community common language to discuss and meet the needs of children and youth in foster care and the families that care for them.

To partner with us in finding mission driven homes please contact: (866) 899-2649

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Please contact: (866) 899-2649

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