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Does your home have a lot of heart and a little more room?
We’re seeking Resource Families who can support children and youth in having family connections that will last a life time, follow these steps to get started:

Review the list of responsibilities, steps and requirements (below) for fostering and adoption to see if you are eligible.

Look through Santa Barbara County Department of Social Services support services (below) as well as those of our local Foster Family Agencies (FFAs).

Decide on the level of care you could provide. If you are unable to commit to Resource Family or adoption, check out other ways to help here.

Contact Our County. Our Kids. or one of our FFA partners with questions and to help you take the next step – Resource Families training!

County Requirements for becoming a Resource Family

Before a child can be placed in your home, federal and state law require that you become an approved Resource Family. The Santa Barbara County Department of Social Services will assist you in this process at no cost to you. There are only 6 steps to take on the pathway to becoming a Resource Family:

You will need to:

  1. Attend Orientation and Complete Application. The orientation is an informal meeting for you to learn the process, ask questions and make a decision about becoming a Resource Family. To start the process simply complete and return the application provided to you at the orientation; Click here for the Resource Family Orientation schedule.
  2. In-Home Meeting. A Social Worker will schedule a time to meet with you and your family in your home. They will make sure your home passes a basic health and safety inspection and provides a suitable environment for children in the foster care system. They will also provide you with information regarding the additional requirements and training.
  3. Complete and Pass Criminal Background check. The Social Worker will arrange for you to submit fingerprints via Live Scan and assist you with any additional information necessary to request a criminal background clearance.
  4. Training. Attend Resource Family Approval (RFA) training. This training program will provide you with valuable information about the foster care system and what it means to be a Resource Family. The training will also include CPR and First-Aid requirements.
  5. PsychoSocial Assessment. A Social Worker will schedule an appointment with you and your family to meet with a therapist that will complete your assessment This assessment will assist in determining your readiness to provide a safe stable home environment for children in out-of home care.
  6. Approval and Placement. Once you have completed the above steps, you will make a decision about the number, ages, and behaviors of the children that you feel you are prepared to accept into your family home. You will then receive a Resource Family certificate of approval. Once approved you will be contacted by our placement specialist to discuss placement of any children who match your preferences. You will have an opportunity to review their history, ask questions, and set up a pre-placement visit. CWS/Juvenile Probation will work with you to assess if the child is a good fit for your family, and any additional services available to support you in meeting the child’s needs.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Resource Family! Contact us today!

Additional Requirements

The following is a partial list of requirements to be met prior to becoming approved as a Resource Family:

  • Have adequate sleep and living space for a child/ren
  • Complete Criminal Background Clearance
  • Complete Resource Family Approval Training including CPR/First Aid
  • An in home assessment of the Home Environment
  • Complete a Psycho-Social Study
  • Medical examination including TB clearance
  • Demonstrate financial ability to ensure the stability and financial security of the family
  • Sufficient sleeping and living areas for all members of the household
  • Satisfactory personal references
  • Other requirements as requested

Contact us with any questions you have! 

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