An Afternoon of Encouragement at Vandenberg Air Force Base

Educating Families on Ways to Help Youth in Care

Our County. Our Kids. A program of Santa Barbara County Department of Social Services, were warmly welcomed at the Vandenberg Air Force Base for a meeting and talk to highlight ways in which to help youth in care by becoming a resource family for them. Sharing love, help and support to our local children that cannot, at this time, be with their own parents and offering mentorship and adoption, can change a child’s life.

Over 25 committed families were in attendance, and Matt Pennon; foster and adoptive parent, spoke from the heart around this issue.  We need homes for the youth and we appreciate every opportunity we have to connect with loving families. Those that step up will be greatly rewarded.

 We would like to extend a special thank you to the three organizations and individuals that made it possible  to spread our message – Brandi Lytle at Vandenberg Family Homes, Duane Purser at the Airman & Family Readiness Center and Family Advocacy Outreach Manager, Christina Thammasen.